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Fibroids and Fertility Treatment 

What You Should Know About Fibroids and Fertility Treatment

Uterine fibroid tumors, also known as leiomyomata, are a common cause of infertility among women and approximately 20-40% of all women within reproductive age will develop these benign growths. While estrogen does cause fibroids to grow, these hormone-dependent lesions are rarely malignant but as fertility treatment is known to increase estrogen and other hormones, it is generally recommended that you address any fibroids before starting any fertility treatment.


In general, fibroids that impact the endometrial cavity have an affect on fertility, except in cases where there are large fibroids that obstruct the fallopian tubes or multiple fibroids that are causing abnormal uterine contractions. Uterine fibroids can occur without producing any symptoms at all but depending on their size, location and the absence or presence of complications such as twisting or degeneration, they can also cause a variety of symptoms. The most common symptoms are heavy menstrual cycles accompanied by pain, but at times fibroids can cause erosion of the endometrial lining and produce irregular or even continuous bleeding.

Uterine Fibroids and Infertility Treatment

Just because you have fibroids doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t forego fertility treatment. Your doctor must take the time to determine if there is evidence that you could possibly lose the pregnancy or won’t be able to conceive at all without intervention.

You should also know that surgery to remove fibroids can affect fertility in several ways. If the endometrial cavity is entered during the surgery there is a possibility that the uterine cavity can develop a post-operative adhesion and to check for this prior to your fertility treatment starting, you should have a hysteroscopy or hydrosonography, which is a fluid ultrasound. There is also a chance of an abdominal adhesion forming which could encase your ovaries and block the ends of the fallopian tubes or prevent the release of your eggs. This is why it is so important that your you see an experienced surgeon that will explain your optionsfor fibroids and ivf treatment or a reproductive endocrinologists that is familiar with surgical techniques that prevent adhesion formation by limiting blood loss.

Fertility treatment for women is an option that many are selecting to undergo these days. With the high percentage of women that do develop fibroids it is important that you not only know the fertility treatment side effects and overall fertility treatments costs, but the possible effect on your fibroids.

If you’re contemplating starting fertility treatment and suffer from fibroids, you should consider the above information and discuss it as soon as possible with your physician. Hundreds of thousands of women live with fibroids every year without ever knowing it, but for those that suffer from the ill side-effects and find that they need to address them surgically or are considering beginning fertility treatments, there is a safe and affordable solution that could be the answer you’re looking for

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